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Al-kee means ‘tribe’ in the Seminole language. Al-kee music and video management offers various services in both the musical and cinematographic fields.

Our main aim is to offer high professional level services. We offer competence, speed and efficiency in the way we work.


1. Management of bands and artists

2. Recording, mixing, mastering, programming, synths

3. Press office:

. preparation of the press release with artist / band biography,
single, ep and album presentation, links for streaming, links

. preparation of the presskit with artist / band photos and photo artwork of singles, ep and albums

. dissemination of the press release in the form of news on musical and non-musical sites

. search for reviews and interviews

. sending final report of publications

4. Music and opera videos

5. Video editing

6. Vfx

7. Titles

8. Color correction

9. Dolby surround drawing / editing

10. Dolby surround mixing